Keep Kids Reading This Summer

Read, read, and read some more....that sounds like a wonderful summer! Our students may not agree, but they might be tempted to read a little every day with the right resources. 

First on the list should be the little paper books that you have used for guided reading. These books are often “old favorites” that students will return to again and again. With these books, students can review sight words and practice fluent reading. 

To keep students interested in reading, however, they need access to new or different stories. These can take the form of books checked out from a public library or purchased at a bookstore. Technology can also provide access to new titles.

Farfaria is an app that allows members to read one free book per day. (For unlimited access, parents can pay a monthly, yearly, or lifetime fee.) The books are divided by subject, theme or genre; each division includes books representing a wide variety of reading levels. Students can choose to read the book or listen to it while individual words are highlighted. Simply put, children love to read using this app. It has over 1,000 books that are aligned to Common Core reading levels. And, new titles are added weekly! Additionally all books are professionally narrated to aide students in listening comprehension.

Reading is critical to success in school. Encourage your students to keep reading this summer to maintain reading skills...and to have some fun doing so!