Sight Words and Music

You can teach just about anything with music - math facts, science information, color words, letters, sounds...the list continues on and on. Not only does music surround us, but it touches our emotions and enhances our memory.

For students moving into reading, music is a great tool for teaching sight words. There are commercial songs available for numerous sight words (check out, however, you can easily make up your own songs for words that you are featuring. Just use a familiar tune and spell the word. 

For instance to the tune of Happy Birthday, sing: 
W-e-r-e, were
W-e-r-e, were
I can spell the word were
W-e-r-e, were

Sight word songs may seem a little silly, but they help students learn and remember new words. When paired with a sight word handwriting program, your students  will quickly build a bank of sight words that can be used in reading and writing.   

Here are some sight word products that will help build that important bank of words.