Reader's Workshop in Kindergarten

Research shows that the more a child reads, the better reader he will become. Consequently, when Spring arrives in my Kindergarten Classroom, Reader’s Workshop goes full throttle. 
Students have "Eyes on Text."
My school uses an extravention model that allows me 20 minutes to work only with on-benchmark level students. This is a great time to empower these students with the joy of reading. Please keep in mind, that I begin this stage of the readers’ workshop during our 3rd trimester. I have worked my students to this level of independence through mini-lessons, strategy practice, and guided reading instruction the first two-thirds of the year. And of utmost importance to successful readers’s workshop,  I must continually know the exact reading level of each student on it’s fluid level.

To begin the process, each students needs a drawer, bin, baggie, etc. to call their own. I  currently use a drawer. I call a few students at a time (that are on the same level) read a book together using guided reading techniques and have them add it to their drawer. 

As their drawer builds, I am able to call students individually or as a group and listen to them read. If they read a book with no errors, and it is one that has been in their drawer for at least 5 days, I will them give the student a new book in exchange.

While I am working with individual students or small groups the other students are engaged in reading. I never tell students they must read individually or with partners, because children are cooperative by nature and I enjoy seeing them come up with unique ways to read together, or perhaps crawl under a table to enjoy reading alone for the day. I especially enjoy observing students helping and cheering on each other in the reading process. 

I have certainly found this to be the most productive way to reach the Fountas and Pinnell goal of instructional level D by the end of kindergarten. And, more importantly, allow students to experience the joy of independent reading.

If you are looking for guided readers that are at appropriate kindergarten levels, we offer several guided reading sets such as this one. 

Additionally, each of our thematic unit includes at least one thematic guided reader.