Measurement-Data and Common Core Standards

In addition to working with numbers, kindergarten students should also be introduced to measurement and data. As students work to meet three standards of Measurement and Data, they note measurable attributes such as length and weight, make comparisons, as well as sort and categorize information. Through exploration in these areas students gather, organize, analyze, and interpret information about the world around them.

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STEM Center

If you haven't tried a full-blown science or in this case STEM center before, try setting up a center on measurement. Start simple with some rice and measuring cups, then build from there. Over the years I have accumulated materials from Lakeshore and others, but regular every-day measuring items for the center are easy to find.

The cornerstone for learning in kindergarten is formed by hands-on investigations. This is especially true in STEM. Touching, moving, and manipulating objects helps students gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts. 

Take measurement for example. Most workbooks adequately address length, weight, and volume, but students gain a deeper and more complete understanding of these measurable attributes when given an opportunity to measure, weigh and examine volume with measuring tools. 

Set up your area with a variety of standard and non-standard tools. Rulers, measuring tapes, craft sticks, and/or linking cubes are all effective means for measuring length. A balance and a tub of classroom objects allows students to compare objects by weight. A tub of colored macaroni and a set of measuring cups is a great way to learn more about volume.

Hands-on activities are engaging and interesting to students. “Discovering” the answer is exciting and satisfying to young learners. Whether the hands-on exploration is guided or independent, you will find that it enhances student learning.

Supporting Curriculum

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The lessons vary in style and format. Many lessons can be used with small groups while others can be completed with a large group. All lessons can be adapted to support struggling students or to challenge high-achieving students. It can also be found on TPT.

For some great cross-curricular thematic fun, enjoy the measuring lessons found in our comprehensive thematic unit, Giants, Trolls and the Big Bad Wolf.

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