Mr. President: A Thematic Unit for Early Learners

Enjoy some presidential fun!

Enjoy teaching young children about Mr. President while practicing academic skills!

This 123 page thematic unit is strategically linked to common core standards!

Literacy Activities
A Call From Mr. President: Alphabet Letter Fluency
Race to the Capital: Identifying Alphabet Letters and Sounds or Reading CVC Words
Washington and Lincoln: Reading and Matching Sight Words
Bear Country Voters: Writing Alphabet Letters
Patriotic Sounds: Isolating the Beginning Sounds in Words
Rhyming Flags: Rhyming
The Flag: Sentence Tracing

Math Activities
Campaign Buttons: Ordering Numbers 0-12
Red, White, and Blue Party: Counting (or Adding) Objects
The Donkey and the Elephant: Comparing Numbers
Counting Stars: Counting Objects to Match a Given Number
Design a Flag: Recognizing Shapes Regardless of Orientation

Art Projects
Patriotic Art
Flag Construct

Social Studies
Let’s Vote
Campaign Buttons
Campaign Signs

Who Will Be Our President
If I Am President
Election Word Wall
Class Book: The Election

Guided Reading Books
The Flag
The Election


The Three Little Colors
Mr. President
Washington and Lincoln