Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway

I have been a long-standing fan of Joy Cowley. I was first introduced to her work in the 1990's at a conference sponsored by The Wright Group. From that time on, I was on the lookout for more books written by this great author. But as the years flew by, that became more and more difficult as the Wright Group was absorbed by SRA.

I was so pleased to stumble on Hameray Publishing! Joy Cowley is back! At Hameray you can find great sequels to old favorites such as Mrs Wishy Washy, The Meanies, The Hungry Giant and More. In addition, Joy Cowley has introduced new characters like Oscar, The Gruesomes, Barbie the Wild Lamb and more! Like the Mrs. Washy stories I learned to love and cherish, these books are filled with humor and wit as they follow Joy's unique model for helping children to learn through laughter.

Beside my kindergartners, my three grandchildren beg for these books. My basket of Joy Cowley's books is well used when they come to visit! Their most favorite of all? Mrs. Wishy Washy on TV. I am sure that I have now read that book over 200 times!

Hameray Publishing Group is hosting a HUGE "Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway." Click on the link below to enter.