Christmas & Winter Thematic Activities on SALE!

Are you looking for some great Christmas and Winter Time Thematic Products that will not only fill December and January with great thematic fun, but will allow students practice in critical early learning skills in Language Arts and Math! All games are strategically linked to the Common Core Standards and right on-target for where typical kindergartners should be during these months.
And, for those students at differing levels, differentiation is included.

Although the rage is "No-prep" worksheets, I promise you that these quality learning games are not only more developmentally appropriate, after you make them once and file them, they really become "No-Prep!"  I just open my file cabinet and go!!You will love these games and so will your students!

Following are Sixteen December and January Cross-Curricular Thematic Suggestions!

These will all be on sale along with every product in our store this coming Cyber Monday & More Cyber Tuesday (Dec 1 and 2). (Remember to use the code at the bottom of this post to enjoy the full 28% off)!



  Each of our Thematic Units contain at least one guided-reader! To add to the teaching of reading in your classroom, you will also want to include these emergent readers!      

Fill your carts and enjoy the sale and remember to use the promo code at checkout!