Setting Kindergarten Procedures

Procedures are as necessary for our students as reading and math. In fact, procedures provide the framework for the curriculum that we teach. Classroom management and beginning teacher books all highlight the importance of incorporating procedures into the classroom. 

Kindergarten  and other early education teachers usually see the importance of procedures. Our students must be taught how to line up, walk down the hall, sit on the carpet in an appropriate way, use a glue bottle or gluestick.....the list goes on and on. 

Because we have so many procedures to teach, it’s tempting to rush the process or even skip a few steps. That’s the opposite of what we should do, however! Your introduction and review should take a month or even six weeks.

When introducing a new procedure, model it if possible. Many management programs suggest modeling the procedure exactly as you want it, modeling it incorrectly, and modeling it almost, but not quite how you want it. Be sure to follow each incorrect or less-than-perfect example with the correct model!

Even when you are well into your school year, remember to review procedures. Choose one or two each day throughout the year to practice or model for a smooth-running class all year long!