Guided Readers for Beginning Readers

Guided reading is the bridge between shared reading and independent reading. It is an instructional strategy that helps students become better readers. It can be used in many different grades, but it is most common in kindergarten, first, and second grade.

Guided reading provides the opportunity to apply reading strategies in a supportive environment. With the teacher’s guidance, students can read sight words, decode words, use context clues, look at word structure, and decide if a word or sentence makes sense. 

In order for the teacher to provide pertinent instruction, guided reading groups should be limited to four or five students. Better readers can be in slightly larger groups, but guided reading is not a whole group activity! Groups can be flexible, but should be formed primarily on the basis of reading level. As students develop stronger reading skills, guided reading groups can be determined by interest.

Because guided reading is designed to develop independent reading, students should be able to read at least 90% of the book without any help. Books of this difficulty are “just right” - they give students a bit of a challenge, but don’t frustrate them. 

If you’re looking for some “just right” books, Kindergarten Kiosk has a number of guided reading books to meet your needs. Each of our units includes one or more books; we also have numerous sets of guided reading books available. Help your students cross the bridge to independence through guided reading!