The Elf Door

On Monday when we arrive at school a little door had attached itself to the wall right next to the 100 chart. For a full day we just wondered about the door. The next day, there was a note above the door:

 "Dear Boys and Girls: We are some little elves that have built this door in your classroom. It takes us directly from our home in the North Pole to your classroom. Don't worry though, you will never see us, because we are too smart for that."

Each day the elves have continued to leave us notes. Some are reminders about our classroom rules. Some are observations about activities in our classroom, and some are even a little mischievous.

Today during our "Friday Free Choice" time, The elves had lots of company!

The "Elf Door" is a great alternative to "Elf on a Shelf." I have done both and I way prefer the door as it provides endless opportunity for imagination, creativity, and play.