Family Learning Night

Learning Nights are a great way to introduce your curriculum to your students’ parents. Your night can center around a theme...bears, Mother Goose, snowmen, dinosaurs, or Dr. Seuss to name a few. You can present a variety of subjects or highlight math, science or language arts. One or two classes can participate or you can turn the learning night into a school-wide event. Activities can be set up in classrooms, hallways, and/or the gymnasium.

An Alphabet Fair is an ideal learning night for kindergarten students. Give every game or activity an alphabet twist. Play Alphabet Bingo, ABC Ball Toss, Alphabet Beanbag Toss, ABC Bowling, and ABC Fishing. Adapt directions for a Cake Walk to be a Letter Walk. Decorate giant letters of the alphabet with markers, colors and even glitter. Use your alphabet materials from your classroom or give a classic game an alphabet twist! Check out our Alphabet Fair unit if you need additional games or activities.

The students love showing parents what they can do and parents enjoy seeing their kids in action! If you have room for the entire family, you’ll find that brothers and sisters enjoy participating, too. 

Make plans now for an Alphabet Fair or other Learning Night. It’s sure to be a hit!

Following are some of our great thematic units than can be just the jumping point to create a great night of learning.