Setting Classroom Expectations

Today I attended a great back to school motivational workshop taught by author and consultant Dr. Anita L. Archer. It was a great reminder that the first few days can certainly set the tone for the entire school year.
Some of her tips include:

  1. Set expectations, tell students that they need to learn how to be your students.
  2. Allow students opportunity to practice the expectations. (Tell them, model, practice, repeat)
  3. Don't ever assume, pre-teach all areas that may need attention.
  4. Allow students (gentle) re-dos to fix problems with routines.
  5. Teach with passion and manage with compassion
  6. Always deliver instruction at a perky pace.
There was a lot more I could add, but instead I will send you to her site:
What a great start for a new school year. Thank you Dr. Archer.