Teach Common Core Math Through Dramatic Play

Dramatic play offers unprecedented opportunities for teaching Common Core Math concepts through authentic experiences. In fact, when asked to work on math skills in the context of a play situations, students are always able to work at a level above their normal skill. To meet the high academic demands of the 21st century, play will be critical to student success, scaffolding their learning in a way that allows them to be successful.

Table of Contents

Dinosaur Museum: Decomposing and composing shapes
Post Office: Understanding the relationships between numbers and quantities
The Costume Shop: Know number names and the count sequence
Pizza Restaurant: Comparing numbers
Ice Cram Parlor: Represent addition and subtraction
Chocolate Shop: Composing and decomposing shapes
Trip to Space: Classifying, sorting, and charting data
The News Station: Answer “How many” despite the arrangement of objects
Santa’s Workshop: Identifying teen numbers as groups of ten and some ones
Knight’s Castle: Describe and compare castles by their measurable attributes
Farm Fluency: Adding and subtracting fluently within 5
The Bakery: Composing and decomposing shapes
Three Bear’s Cottage: Describing objects in the environment using names of shapes and position words