The Circus: Thematic Common Core Essentials.

A great theme for any time of the year is the Circus! We offer a great thematic unit that covers all areas of the curriculum and is strategically links to important learning standards. It is written specifically for kindergarten, but can be easily used in Pre-K and 1st.

My students love this unit. Especially when our playhouse turns into clown college!

To get you started, you might enjoy this free song poster. This poster is a sampling of songs that are included in the unit called The Circus. It is an original song sang to the tune of "Baby Bumbleebee." It is a lot of fun!

Every unit includes its own cross-curricular planing guide.

Every unit includes its own cross-curricular planing guide.

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Available here at our TPT store!

Available here at our TPT store!


To print this poster, simply click on the picture to enlarge, drag the jpg to your desktop and then print the size you want.

This great unit includes: 

Contents Include:

Literacy Activities

Clown College: Reading Sight Word Sentences

The Ringmaster: Reading Sight Words

Silly Words: Naming Sounds to Decode Words

Race Around the Big Top: Segmenting Words

Family Words Worksheet

Math Activities

Orchestra: Repeating and Creating Patterns

Battle: Comparing Numbers 

Shapes Around: Identifying & Copying Shapes

Big Top Math: Adding and Subtracting

Clown Combinations: Adding Numbers

Circus Math: Addition and Subtraction

Writing Word Wall: The Circus

Writing Prompts: Circus Clown, The Circus

Writing Center Activities: 

Write It, How To, Label It, My List

Class Book: The Circus Clowns

Guided Reading Books: Clown College

Science "Pepper": A Magic Trick

Lions and Tigers and Bears: Comparisons

Art Projects:

Circus Train

The Elephant

Paint a Clown

Clown Hat

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