Guided Drawing Lesson of The Cat In a Hat

Enjoy Read Across American by doing a guided drawing lesson!


Follow these step by step instructions...

1.  Make a dot in the middle of the page.

2. Starting at the dot and make an oval below it.

3. Make a cat nose in the center of the face.

4. Make a fat cheek on the side of the face and bring it around to be the smile.

5. Make eyes out of a 9 and a 6.

6. Add pupils, eyebrows and whiskers.

7. Draw a cat ear.

8. Draw a brim going beyond the head.

9. Draw the back of the hat by shading below the brim, stopping at the head.

10. Draw a tall and crooked hat.

11. Draw a neck.

12 Draw a large or small bow.

13. Give him some fur on the side of his face and neck.

14. Color his hat anything but Red and White!

15. Sign your masterpiece.

16. Have an art show.