The Alphabet Chant

The alphabet and its sounds form the foundation for reading. The success of early readers is impacted by letter and sound knowledge. A resource that Kathleen is currently completing to enhance letter and sound knowledge is the Alphabet Chant

The Alphabet Chant addresses the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. The Alphabet Chant packet includes a page for every letter of the alphabet, enabling each student to make an alphabet chant book. Each page features a portion of the chant along with an accompanying art project. The projects include coloring, painting, and constructing pictures. An alternative page is included for every construction page, allowing the option of simpler projects if desired.

The Alphabet Chant can be used with students of varying abilities. While it was designed to highlight the letter/sound association, it can be used effectively to introduce letters or sounds, reinforce rhymes, emphasize beginning sounds, and/or support sight word recognition. 

The Alphabet Chant book is very versatile and can be adapted to fit your needs. It can be completed over a period of one or two weeks or over a period of two or three months. It can be used to introduce or reinforce letters and sounds. It can supplement your alphabet study or be used as an intervention tool. The pages can be completed in alphabetical order or out of order to fit your sound introduction sequence. Make a book from the completed pages or send each individual page home as it is finished.

Whatever options you choose, your students are sure to enjoy the Alphabet Chant. It is a fun and interactive way to focus on letters and sounds!