Art Makes The Brain Smart!

Art is not only fun,

it is a critical part of the kindergarten curriculum!

Art raises scores in math and language arts.

Art strengthens critical brain processing capacities.

Art strengthens spatial reasoning and visual imagery skills.

Art strengthens auditory perception.

Art expands sequential memory development.

Art exercises both the long and short term memory.

Art builds oral language skills and strengthens vocabulary.

Art is a great assessment tool.

Art allows students to excel at their developmental level.

Art strengthens problem solving skills.

Art allows students a natural outlet for frustration and aggression.

Art allows students to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Art provides opportunities for teamwork and collaboration.

Art builds the ability to make decisions.

Art provides opportunities to respect diversity.

Art allows opportunity to communicate nonverbally.

Art allows students to build intrinsic values.

Art builds bridges from culture to culture.

Art allows opportunity to think differently and expand imagination.

Art is fun!

Art Coach directs students to look closely at the positions and shapes of the Arctic Fox's body.

Adding Feathers and Spots to the Snowy Owl in Flight.

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I love this great song that includes a craft for each verse.

Here is some of my favorite resource books!