Christmas Around The World: Common Core Thematic Essentials

Check out our new 258 page strategically linked thematic unit Christmas Around the World is stuffed with learning! 

20 countries of study are included and may easily be used in a mix and match fashion, or you may choose to visit all 20 countries for a comprehensive world-wide tour.

 A Scrapbook/Passport Book is included for each student to make to keep as a world traveler memento. The unit culminates with a tribute to “Peace on Earth” and will leave each child with a feeling of love for their fellowmen. Do not miss out on this great unit!


Scripted Literacy Activities
Australia: Surfing Santa: Segmenting Words
USA: Decorate Away: Blending Phonemes
Russia: Land of the Sweets: Comprehension 
Bahamas: Junkanoo: Using Common Nouns in Complete Sentences
France: Le Reveillon: Rhyming
Greece: St. Nicholas’ Boats: Naming Sounds
Israel: The Star of Bethlehem: Naming Letters (or Reading Words)
Italy: Befana’s Toys: Changing Initial Sounds to Make New Words
Mexico: Poinsettia Race: Naming Letters Quickly

Independent Literacy Activities
China: Christmas Lanterns: Writing Alphabet Letters 

Scripted Math Activities:

German Advent Calendar: Solving Problems Using Mental Math Strategies.
India: Diwali Day: Identifying and Comparing Numbers
Sweden: St. Lucia Day Deliveries: Composing Teen Numbers.
Denmark: Nisse The Elf: Subtraction
Peru: Fiesta de Navidad: Classifying and Sorting Objects
Africa: Candle, Candle: Decomposing Numbers
Canada: Tree Delivery: Making Combinations for 10
Scotland: The Mischievous Elves: Identifying Numbers

Independent Math Activities
Spain: Spanish Shoes: Writing Numbers
England: Stocking Stuffing: Counting Objects For a Given Number

Germany: O Tannenbaum
India: Little Clay Lamp
Australia: Six White Boomers
Sweden: Lucia Day
USA: Ring Your Bells
Denmark: Ten Little Gnomes
Spain: Navidad
Peru: Fiestas de Navidad
ALL: Let There Be Peace on Earth

Art Projects
Germany: Star Christmas Countdown
India: Clay Lamp
Sweden: Star Hats, St. Lucia Wreaths
USA: A Gift for Mom & Dad
Russia: Nesting Dolls/Nutcracker
Bahamas: Starfish Santa
Denmark: Danish Christmas Heart
Spain: Balthazar & the Wise Men
Africa: Candle Art
Canada: Strip Christmas Tree
China: Mini-Christmas Lanterns
England: Christmas Cards
France: Christmas Santons 
Greece: Christmas Fishing Boat
Israel: My Star
Italy: My Ceppo
Mexico: Poinsettia Construct
Scotland: Shape Elf

Guided Books
Around the World: Sight Word Reader
Christmas Around the World: Class Made Book
Around the World Scrapbook: Passport Scrapbook Pages, Cover, Final Pages, and Around the World Friend Art

Australia: Pavlova
Peru: Panettone

Country Scrapbook Pages: All Countries
Country Word Walls: All Countries
Unit Word Wall
Writing Prompt: My Favorite Country
Writing Prompt: My Christmas Tradition