Sensational Spiders

Spinning a Web at the Science Center

Making a Spider for my Head at the Art Center

Check out our new spider unit! Contents include:
Great New Thematic Unit!

Shared Reading Activities
I’M A SPIDER: Building Metacognition Skills

Scripted Literacy Activities:
Spider Soup: Identifying Alphabet Letters
The Sneaky Spider: Producing Rhyming Words
Home Sweet Web: Matching Alphabet Letters
Spider Walk: Beginning Sounds
Web Treasures: Sorting Objects into Categories

Independent Language Arts Activities
Category Sort: Identifying Word Meanings & Nuances
Spin a Web: ABC Order

Scripted Math Activities:
The Hungry Spiders: Identifying Numbers
Spider Shapes: Identifying Shapes

Independent Math Activities
Spider Frames: Counting and Cardinality
Spider Legs: Decomposing Numbers
Fill The Web: Ten Frame Hunt

Writing Prompts/Word Wall
Spider Word Wall
Writing Prompts:
Eensy Wensy Spider
Do I Like Spiders?

Guided Reading Books
Are You a Spider? Level A
Are You a Spider? Level C

Spider Cookie

The Arachnid (Science Journal Labels)
Spider Facts
Sticky Spiders

Art Projects
Glitter Spider Web
Spider Construct
Spider Hat

Spin, Spin, Spin a Web
A Spider Song
Ten Little Spiders