Reading Strategies


In order to bring emergent readers to levels of independence, it is important to teach early readers the important reading strategies that are necessary for success.

The very first reading strategy that I teach my kindergartners on the first week of school is to sit in reading position using the cute little song. Students are very responsive and quickly develop habits of quiet sitting at the reading table. Now I want to say this strategy is a lot for me and my sanity, but actually, if students sit in a quiet manner at the guided reading table their attention is maximized.

The next strategy I focus on is tracking print. Students become readers more quickly if they point at the word their voice is saying. I love to use a ladybug sticker on the finer when I introduce this strategy. (Get more ideas for pointer here).

I introduce the next strategies as students are ready. Some groups may only be using 2 or 3 strategies while other groups may be using 4 or even all 10.


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