19 years of kindergarten stuff stacked in my garage, waiting for the movers.
After teaching two half day sessions of kindergarten in the same school for the last 19 years, I am moving. My husband and I are packing up for a new adventure 8 hours away from our current home. I will be starting over in a new school and I am just a little bit scared to say the least.

However, the school is amazing! It is new and ultra-modern. And, one of the best parts, FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN!! I will be posting a lot of pictures along the way as I set up my brand new classroom. For 19 years my teacher desk only had 3 legs and was held up by milk crates. Wow, just a desk with 4 legs will be a great treat!

My husband is starting his new job as Superintendent of Schools in a brand new district. We have resigned to the fact that we will not be getting a summer break this year. But, I guess that is the price that must be paid for adventure. :) Our new community is amazing and we can hardly wait to become a part.