Wind and Water Science Center

Here is my latest science center. It took some work and some brainstorming to figure out what to put in it, but the kids are having a great time with it. Here is some of what is available at our science shelf:

A wind vane to show wind direction. To make a wind vane, poke a thumbtack through a straw and into a pencil. Push the pencil through a paper cup to make the wind vane stand up. Glue arrows to the straw to show wind direction. Children can blow on the wind vane to watch how air creates movement. What direction is the wind blowing. For more information on how to make a wind vane, go here.

An anemometer to show wind speed. To make an anemometer cut out two equal strips of cardboard. Glue a paper cup to the bottom of each end of the cardboard strips. Push a thumbtack through the cardboard strips and into a pencil eraser. Push the other end of the pencil into a lump of modeling clay to make it stand up. Who can make the cups turn the fastest? The slowest? For more information on how to make an anemometer, go here or here.

Create lightning. Rub balloons on a woolen mitten. This will create static electricity. Can you make the balloons stick to anything? Now charge two balloons with static and bring them together in the dark. You will see a spark. This is lightning!

Watch air currents. Set out a lamp and turn it on. Be careful! It will get hot! Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder over the lamp and watch the air currents. Baby powder above the bulb will float because warm air rises.

There are tons of ideas for weather experiments out there so happy discovering!