Let It Snow!

Who would think that I would be opening all of the classroom windows because it is so hot in January! Here in Idaho it has been very warm and dry. So, it is time to bring winter into the classroom and what better way to begin? Making Snowflakes!

Out of my 45 students, only 1 had ever before made a snowflake! So after careful modeling (even with snowflakes that end up as duds), we went to the tables with our scissors and began to cut.

It was so much fun to watch the kids open their very first snowflake! They smiled a wide (sometimes toothless) smile and quickly said, "Can I make another one?" So the next 15 minutes was spent with scissors furiously cutting.

At center time some of our activities included painting a snowman and constructing a snow kid!

So, let winter begin, snow or not!
Check back for some more winter fun!