Building Visual Cognition and Spatial Reasoning

Constructive Design at the Art Center is more than just a finished project. This important component of the early years is a powerful learning tool. What things can be accomplished there? Well here are but a few:
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Builds oral language skills
  • Allows practice with geometry and practice analyzing, comparing, creating and composing shapes 
  • Builds visual imaging and cognition
  • Strengthens spatial reasoning skills
  • Fosters creativity
  • Builds concentration and focusing skills
  • Fosters intrinsic rewards 
  • Allows for problem solving
  • Builds ability to take risks
  • Develops an imagination
  • Allows for stories to extend and flow
  • Empowers play and storytelling
  • And on and on..
The following photos are our latest design projects. These are not glyphs. Although I am not totally opposed to glyphs, I feel that it truly limits the constructive design possibilities. These projects are created by the child’s own imagination, looking at illustrations, studying finished products, watching other student’s creations in development, and/or looking at real photographs.