Another Kindergarten teacher on my team (Hi Stephanie!) had the brilliant idea of having the children plant paperwhite narcissus to give to their parents as Christmas gifts. We planted the bulbs in gravel and water (super easy) a few weeks ago and now they're just about ready to burst into bloom. Everyone who has seen them has wanted to plant them as gifts for neighbors or coworkers; they are so beautiful.
My example is planted in a glass jar so that the children can see the roots growing, but the children's are planted in a red plastic cup with a poem glued onto it on green paper.

Here is the poem:
It’s winter time when all things sleep,
Except this little flower,
Like stars that shine at Christmas time,
To brighten every hour.

I want to be your little flower
And make you smile each day,
To brighten up your darkest nights
And chase the clouds away.

And here are more instructions on how to plant paperwhite narcissus (these instructions are for planting in soil--ours are in gravel which works great too!).