Good News and Bad News

Here we go again! School is starting soon, my Open House is on Friday and I have some good news and some bad news.

The Good News

I'm ready for the open house! I have my room in order and all my stations set up. (See Kathy's previous post for a description of what we're doing).

My dramatic play center got a fresh new coat of paint (and a cute little guy has already tested it out, as you can see).

Our school got new carpet this year and I got a new tiled art and sensory area. (We'll see if we can keep our messes contained there...)

I've got all of our Units from now until the end of November printed and ready to go. I'm so excited!! It's like instant lesson plans!! And you can get one for free by entering our drawing. See the post below for details.

The Bad News

Last year before school ended I got my back to school homework packets completely put together and ready to go. Guess what this dummy did in her anxiety to get the classroom clean as quickly as possible. I accidentally threw them away! Desperately I tried to dumpster dive for them yesterday without any luck. Now I have to do them all over again. What a waste of time. Argh!