Dino Night!

Our Dino Night activities included science activities, math activities, a craft, and reading activities featuring sight word recognition, letter fluency, sound fluency, segmenting, and decoding. Keeping with our dinosaur theme, we called them: Dino Swat (a sight word game), Dinosaur Maze (a fluency activity), Soundosaurus Sort (a segmenting game), Dinosaur Decoding, Dinosaur Sound Race, Volcano Eruption, Dinosaur Addition, Dino Dig (a sand table activity), and Dinosaur Masks.
For Dino Night, we were able to use the school gym and spread out into the halls; however, in past years we’ve used our classrooms. Dino Night is a wonderful way to help parents and students focus on the learning that is needed to succeed in kindergarten while having a lot of fun!