Teaching Teen Numbers

It is normal for young children to have difficulty with teen numbers because their names are difficult, their concepts are difficult, and the oral/visual patterns are difficult. Consequently, teen numbers must be strategically and actively taught. 

Teaching teen numbers to young children is not teaching place value. Rather, it is developing number sense of how teen numbers are composed and decomposed, such as a group of ten and 5 more make 15. This packet offers a great variety of differentiated teaching materials; to reach all types of learners.

Contents Include:

Adding Ten: An Teen Number Song

Anchor Charts: 11-20

Number Posters: 11-20

Ten Plus Worksheets: 11-20

Number Sense Worksheet: 11-20

Cover-up Numbers: 11-15 and 16-19

Don’t Eat Pete Game: 11-19

Baking Cupcakes Game: Decomposing Teen Numbers