Using Writing Prompts

One of the best ways to satisfy the need for writing daily is by using writing prompts. Using prompts is an easy way to keep students engaged and excited about writing. They help prevent writer’s block, inspire creative and independent thinking, and give students a level of comfort when asked to take risks.

Keep writing prompts simple and open to interpretation, sometimes a simple title will suffice. Some examples of such prompts are:

  • My first day of School

  • Bugs

  • My Classroom

  • What I like About My Friends

  • My Best Birthday

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Good writing resource. Cannot wait to use with my Kinders next year!
Really helpful to start a new school year! These are great :)
Thanks! I’m looking for ways to support my beginning writers and readers.
Love this resource :)
I use this a lot.

Or Find it Here on TPT

Or Find it Here on TPT