In Like a Lion? Or In Like a Lamb?

Have you heard the saying “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”?

The phrase refers to the weather in March (which, in some regions, starts out cold and ends warm). So where does “In like a lion, and out like a lamb” originate from? According to The Paris Review, the phrase was first recorded in the early 1700’s and may be linked to the Constellation of Leo rising towards Aries the Ram….. time honored folk-lore indeed.

Children love the discussion of lambs and lions in regards to weather patterns. Creating a graph or documenting the lion/lamb days on the calendar gives students a authentic reference for data gathering and recording.

I enjoy extending that data gathering into all areas of academia. I am excited to share with you the thematic unit, Lambs and Lions.

Contents Include:


Lamb and Lion

March Wind


Lamb and Lion Portfolio Page


Lamb and Lion Sight Words

Lamb and Lion Alphabet Fluency

Lamb Days: Reading Simple Sentences


Flip It: Decomposing Numbers

Baby Lambs: Using Ten-Frames

Lambs and Lions I Can: Matching Equations and Sumbs

Math Calendar Numbers

Guided Reading:

Lamb and Lion Reader


Lamb and Lion Word Wall

Writing Prompts

Write the Room: Sight Words

To get you started,

enjoy this original song and poster, included in the unit.

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