Homework That Is Flexible and Fun.

Homework has become a hot button issue lately. Is it appropriate? Should it be sent home? Does it help academics? The truth is, that on Hattie’s scale of Visible Learning, homework only has an effect size of .16. Meaning, it really doesn’t matter if you send it home or not. Either way doesn’t have a large positive or negative effect on student learning.


And this is a big “but”. Hattie scored parent involvement at an effect size of .50. Which is more than a year’s worth of learning!! That’s why the goal of any work I send home isn’t to extend the learning at home, it’s to get parents involved with their child. And the ideal way I’ve found to help involve parents is though games!

With games, parents can engage with their children with letter recognition, sound identification, rhyming, blending, segmenting, decoding, sight words, important math skills, and more. Most children willingly play games with their parents, in fact, they generally beg for more.

Most parents enjoy a game approach to homework because they are not only helping their children with academic learning and seeing firsthand where their child lies with academic skills, they are also having fun with them and enjoying quality family bonding time.

Each packet features literacy and math games that are aligned to Common Core Standards. In addition, a version with Spanish directions is included with the kindergarten packets. I also have a different levels of difficulty. I always have at least a few kids in the class that end up going home with the “first grade packet” and, since the packets look nearly identical, they never know the difference. Make homework a positive and fun experience for your students!

FebruaryPreschoolHomeworkPacket.pdf 2.jpeg

Each monthly packet has an easy to use parent guide to keep track of games played. There is no order the homework must be completed — completely flexible for busy family life.

These packets are now on sale at a greatly reduced price, and are available in three levels: Preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade.

Homeschooler? These are also perfect for you. These homework packets will lay out an easy curriculum for you to follow throughout the year!

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