Are your Kids Writing?

I have taught Kindergartners now for 2 1/2 decades and I have tried many writing programs. By far, the best writing program is simply to get your kids writing!

I love to use the guided writing method that I have fine-tuned over the years that are based on the visualizing theories of Vygotsky. All of my writing secrets are wrapped up in this one program that is available for only $4.00 here or at Teachers Pay Teachers

For more information on writing, check out our Podcast Episode #24

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This 380 page product includes great Writing Methods and Writing Prompts for early learners.

It is easy to teach writing standards by using the methods included in this Writing to Read Packet. It includes:

14 pages of writing tips and methods. Including a step by step delivery method of Scaffold Writing based on the works of Vygotsky.

4 scripted lessons to increase writing independence: Nouns, Adjectives, Beginning-Middle-End and Spaces

355 pages ready to copy writing prompts to put in students writing binders. Four style choices are included.