Grab-and-Go Morning Activity Task Cards


Grab-and-Go Morning Activity Task Cards


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You will love these Grab-and-Go Activity or Task cards to get your students right to work as you take care of those morning teacher chores.

This set of cards is intended for the beginning of the school year and will be part of a series that will increase in difficulty.

The tasks depend on common classroom manipulatitives that you will probably have readily available. But in case you don’t or you would just rather have your manipulatives made of laminated cardstock, everything is included to get you going!

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Task Cards:

Mr. Potato Head
Make a Face
Play Dough
Make a Sculpture
Painting With Water Colors
Sorting Buttons
Pattern Shapes
Counting Objects
Build With Blocks
Dueling Dice
White Boards
Cube Trains
Teddy Bears Geo Boards
Playing Cards

I’m excited to have something different for my students to start their mornings.
Looking forward to using this resource this fall! Thanks!!
Can’t wait to use these this year.