Back to School Thematic Bundle


Back to School Thematic Bundle

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Save Big with this Back to School Thematic Unit Bundle. Includes our Best Selling, Names, Color Theme, Chrysanthemum, and Mother Goose. Please click on the links for the preview of each included unit. For this price you will be amazed with all that is included!

Mother Goose:

Table of Contents:

Shared Reading Activities
Mother Goose Rhymes: Saying or Singing Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Rhymes: Sequencing Nursery Rhymes
Hey Diddle Diddle Pocket Chart Activity

Literacy Activities
Mother Goose Mix-up: Building Working Memory
Humpty Dumpty Rhymes: Matching Rhymes
Blind Mice Chase: Identifying Letters
Mary Goes To School: Using Preposition Words
Mary's Letters: Tracing Letters A-Z
Little Lost Lambs: Hunting For Alphabet Letters

Math Activities
Little Bo Peep's Sheep: Counting Objects to Match Numbers
Under The Haystack: Identifying Shapes
Nursery Rhyme Patterns: Naming and Creating Patterns
Hey Diddle Diddle Numbers: Identifying Number Names
Nursery Rhyme Puzzles: Developing Spatial Reasoning Skills
Fetch The Pail: Counting & Writing Numbers

Humpty Dumpty
Jack Be Nimble
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Little Bo Peep
Little Boy Blue
Jack and Jill
Little Miss Muffet
The Fly and The Bumblebee

Art Projects
Mary's Schoolhouse: Construction Project
Mary's School Portfolio Sample
Humpty Dumpty on a Wall

Hey Diddle Diddle Prewriting Practice
My Favorite Nursery Rhyme

Insects & Spiders: Making Comparisons

Guided Reading Books
Mother Goose Land
Class Made Books
Mother Goose Rhymes


Table of Contents

Math Activities

Measuring Names: Comparing and Contrasting the length of names
The Numbers in my Name: Worksheet
Chrysanthemum’s Numbers: Identifying and Naming Numbers

Literacy Activities

Chrysanthemum's Alphabet: Alphabet Bingo
Name Traders: Reading and Matching the Names of Self and Others.
Character Study: Elements of a Character

Original Songs

Clapping Names

Social Studies

Words Hurt: Compassion and Caring
Rules Poster: Classroom Rules
Portfolio Sample: A Wrinkled Heart
Portfolio Sample: All About Me

Guided Reading

The Mouse Family


Chrysanthemum word wall card
All About My Name
Name “Entrance” Tickets

Art Projects

Making Chrysanthemum
Guided Drawing: Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum Puppet

Color My World:

Table of Contents

Literacy Lessons With Independent Options:
Rainbow Road: Matching Alphabet Letters
Tossing Colors:Reading Color Words
Color Walk: Clapping Syllables
Color Bear: Naming Colors

Shared Reading: Whole Group Activity
Brown Bear: Substituting Words In a Sentence

Independent Activities:
Color Words: Naming Colors
Crayons: Matching Colors

Math Lessons With Independent Options:
Crayon Patterns: Creating & Extending Patterns
Crayon Counting: Counting Objects
Dress A Bear: Building a Working Memory

Independent Activities:
Crayon Boxes: Writing Numbers
Crayon Sort: Sorting Objects
Rainbow Roll: Probability

Art Projects

Color Mobile
Abstract Plates: Using Color to Create an Abstract
Stain Glass Window: Tearing Paper
Color Mini Book: Illustrating a Book

The Color Song
Stand up For Colors

Color Word Wall Cards
My Favorite Color
Class Made Book: Color My World

Science Projects
Color Chase: Mixing Colors

Guided Reading Books
The Color Zoo

Classroom Dispays
Color Word Full Sheet Posters

Writing Names:

Table of Contents:

Water Cap Names: Ordering letters in names and transferring knowledge. 
Name Puzzles: Building familiarity with alphabet letters and their function when spelling one's own name.
Name Cheer: (A variation of Name Puzzles): Identifying and sequencing the letters in names. 
Shave a Name: Using correct handwriting technique to write names.
Rainbow Names: Spelling and writing names.
The "Nameapillar": Ordering letters in names.
Trace A Name: Tracing names using correct letter formation. 
Name Fishing: Reading the names of classmates, then sorting according to beginning capital letter.
Name Dictionary: Alphabetizing classmates' names.
Names: A Guided Reading Book
Name Fun: Ten Additional Name Conquering Ideas
Name Game: Studying names of classmates
Name Chart: Studying names in a Morning Meeting routine
Mosaic Names: Spelling and writing names
Name Necklace: Spelling name
Spell-a-Name: Spelling own name and names of others.

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