Early Alphabet Activites and Games


Early Alphabet Activites and Games


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These developmentally appropriate alphabet lessons are designed to teach early learners confidence with the alphabet.

The activities are based on reading research and national standards; they have been classroom tested by thousands of five and six year olds! The objectives, rationale, and/or language objectives are clearly stated for your added confidence. The material section is clear and concise to make lesson preparation a breeze! Remember to file all of the materials together in a file folder to make the preparation even easier the next time the lesson is delivered!

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1. Building Letters
Objective: Students explore letter formation and analyze the similar features that letters share.
2. Write The School
Objective: Finding Alphabet letters in a familiar environment.
3. Bus Stop
Objective: Recognizing letters of the alphabet.
4. Letter Match
Objective: Matching uppercase letters.
5. Alphabet Relay
Objective: Naming uppercase letters at a fast pace.
6. Letter Treasure
Objective: Building toward automaticity of uppercase letters by playing an active game.
7. Don't Eat Pete!
Objective: Naming alphabet letters at a fast pace.
8. The Cookie Jar

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Wonderful materials! Thanks so much!
These are wonderful activities
Great idea! Can’t wait to use it.
The table of contents turned into my lesson planning best friend! Can’t wait to use this again this year!