Kathy Crane

Kathy has been teaching young children for nearly three decades. She believes that young children should be active participants in their own leaning and uses hands-on-games as the core of her thematically designed, child-centered classroom. Currently she is a Reading Specialist and is a certified in Early Steps by the University of Utah Reading Clinic. She uses her hands-on-philosophy with students K-5 to bring them to benchmark-level reading success.

Kathy holds a B.A. in Early Childhood Education, a M.Ed. in Reading Instruction and a Ed.D in Early Childhood Education: Reading and Literacy. Kathy is the co-author of eleven teacher resource books published by Teacher Created Materials, and seven guided readers published by Hameray Publishing. She is a national presenter for SDE, and provides published assessments as a Friend of ESGI. She

The rest of the team

Kathy Law

Kathleen enjoys focusing on kindergarten kids and their needs. After a short stint teaching third grade in Wyoming, she has spent over three decades teaching kindergarten in Idaho. She holds a National Board Certification in Early Childhood Education and a M.Ed. in Reading Instruction. She was named as the Idaho Phi Delta Kappa and Walmart Teacher of the Year for the state of Idaho and is the co-author of eleven teacher resource books that have been published by Teacher Created Materials. She is currently teaching 2 sessions of 1/2  kindergarten each day.

Kathleen is a master teacher and mentor. If anyone has a question, she is your go-too person!

Lyndsey Jarman

Lyndsey Jarman has been working with Kathy Crane all her life. That's because Kathy is her mom! Lyndsey has a passion for excellence in mathematics instruction and enjoys learning the newest in educational research and practices. She has her M.Ed. In Curriculum and Reading Instruction.

Lyndsey has taught 4th, 1st, and Kindergarten. She spends 1/2 of her day as a stay at home mom, and the other half of the day teaching one 1/2 day session of Kindergarten.

She plans on pursuing her PHD in Early Childhood Education. Her perspectives, mom of a kindergartner, and doctoral candidate, have further increased her desires to provide quality, developmentally appropriate early learning activities to the educators of young children.