Winter Thematic Unit


Winter Thematic Unit


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Teach standards the fun and active way by using this complete cross curricular 168 page thematic unit, White Wonderful Winter.

This Developmentally Appropriate Winter Themed Thematic Unit will thrill the students in your classroom or homeschool. Learning can be fun, playful, and engaging!

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Table of Contents:
Abominable Snow Monster: Fluent Reading Alphabet Letters or Sight Words
Snowball Sounds: Naming Alphabet Letter Sounds Fluently
Sound Blizzard: Connecting Sounds to Letters
Snowflake ABC: Putting Letters in Alphabetical Order
Snowflake Hunt: Writing Alphabet Letters
Cocoa Words: Writing CVC Words
Letter Whirl: Matching and Writing Alphabet Letters
Hat Colors: Tracing Color Words

Bundle Up: Using a 10 Frame to Make Number Combinations
Blizzard: Plus 1
Skating Lessons: Counting Objects for Two Numbers in Succession
Snowball Fights at School: Counting by 10's
Snowflake Numbers: Composing 10 + a Given Number.
Snowballs: Representing Quantity using a 10 Frame
Snowstorm 10-Frame Write the Room: Writing Numerals Representing a Set

Scripted Science Lessons
Snow Dough:Combining Ingredients to Make a New Substance
Crystal Creations: Growing Crystals

Writing Prompts/Word Wall:
Winter Word Wall
Winter Sports
What I like About Winter

Guided Reading Books:
Winter (Level C)
Winter (Level E)

Kitchen Cafe:
Make a Snowflake, Then Eat!

Art Projects:
Snowflake: Following Directions to Make a Snowflake
Snowy Day Kid: Constructing a Snow Kid Using Geometric Shapes

Snowflakes Falling Down
Bundle Me Up
Winter Time

Total Pages: 168

Another amazing unit! My students always love your activities!
Wonderful as always!
I used this a lot!
I love winter and am so excited about this unit! I have a feeling the cocoa cups activity will be well used in my room this winter! Thanks!