St. Patrick's Day Thematic Unit


St. Patrick's Day Thematic Unit


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St. Patrick's Day "Developmentally Appropriate" Thematic Unit will allow you to celebrate in style!

Enjoy the wearing' o' the green while meeting Common Core Standards by using this St. Patrick's Day themed unit filled with games, activities and more.

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Table of Contents:

St. Patrick's Day Literacy Activities:
Lucky Clovers: Substituting Phonemes
Leprechaun Lyrics: Musical Word Families
Leprechaun Leap: Decoding Words
Hide the Gold: Sight Words
Leprechaun ABC: Alphabetical Order
Leprechaun Hunt: Identifying and Writing Alphabet Letters

St. Patrick's Day Math Activities:
Pot O'Gold: Naming & Matching Coins
Shamrock Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than
Leprechaun's Gold: Counting Coins
Rainbow Trail: Combining Sets
The Pot of Gold: Skip Counting Dot To Dot

St. Patrick's Day Writing:
St. Patrick's Day Word Wall
The Leprechaun
If I Found the Gold

St. Patrick's Day Guided Reading Book:
The Leprechaun Hunt

St. Patrick's Day Kitchen Activities:
Shamrock Milkshake

St. Patrick's Day Art Projects:
Lucky the Leprechaun
Leprechaun Hat

St. Patrick's Day Songs/Fingerplays:
The Leprechaun
I'm a Little Leprechaun

Total Pages: 82

my class really enjoyed many of these activities
I really like the multiple disciplines that are encountered in this unit!
Great ideas! Thank you!
So many easy to use and engaging activities!