Snowman Thematic Unit


Snowman Thematic Unit


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Are you looking for successful tried and tested activities? This Developmentally Appropriate Snowman Thematic Unit is filled with games and activities that your classroom or homeschool students will love.

This Snowman unit is divided into areas of literature, music, art, literacy, math, science, independent practice, creative writing, word wall, and guided reading. The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation. Your students will think learning is "snow fun!"

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Table of Contents

Literacy Activities:
Snowman Spill: Automaticy of Lowercase Letter Sounds
Snowman Match-up: Matching Letters and Sounds
Build a Snowman: Blending and Segmenting Words
Snowman Melt: Reading High Frequency Words
Draw a Snowman: Reviewing Early Phonics and Phonological Skills
My Favorite Things: Identifying Medial Sounds
Beginning Sounds: Identifying and Writing Beginning Sounds
A-Z: Fluently Connecting Dots From a-z.
Writing the Alphabet A-Z and a-z: Practicing Alphabet Letter Formation

Math Activities:
Snowball Fight: Comparing Numbers
The Snowman's Buttons: Decomposing Numbers
Snowman Sets: Joining Sets Using a 10 Frame Strategy
Snowman Sums: Making a Sum of 10 Using an Unknown and a KnowN Addend With Visual Representation.
Symmetry Snowman: Symmetry Activity
Snowman Puzzles: Using Geometric Shapes to Construct a Snowman
The Tallest Snowman: Measurement
Snowman Number Hunt: Matching Quantity and Numerals
Math Journal Prompt (Labels): Joining Sets

Guided Reading Books:
The Snowmen (Level B)
The Snowmen (Level C)

Writing Prompts/Word Wall:
My Snowman
How To Build a Snowman
Snowman Word Wall
Snowman Label-it (3 Levels)

The Melting Snowman: Observing States of Matter
Science Journal Page: Why does the sun melt the snowman?

Art Projects:
Snowman Gallery Art Show
Marshmallow Snowman
Shape Snowman
Painted Snowman Portfolio Sample

Five Little Snowmen
I'm a Little Snowman
Drawing a Snowman

Total Pages: 134

Building a snowman outside was never as much fun as your version is!
Great addition to my unit... thank you!
We are doing a snow unit and loving this addition of snowmwn!
Love these activities. Will be great for January.