Pond Thematic Unit


Pond Thematic Unit


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Enjoy learning about animals and insects that live in a pond as your use this engaging "Developmentally Appropriate Thematic Unit" about Pond Animals.

Life in a Pond is filled with authentic play-based learning activities that your students in your classroom and/or homeschool setting will love.

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Contents include:

Five Little Ducks
Oh I Want to Be a Frog
The Little White Duck

Art Projects:
Handprint Duck
Fingerpaint Ducks Portfolio Sample
Frog Construct

A Frog’s Life: Sequencing Map
A Duck Grows Up: A Science Booklet: Duck’s Life Cycle

Frog in a Pond
Frogs on a Log

Guided Reading Books:
The Pond
A Frog Grows

Pond Word Wall
Writing Prompts: The Frog, Ducks
Writing Center Activities:
How To, Write It, Label It

Math Activities:
Hopping Frogs: Solving Equations
Where’s My Mommy: Matching Equations to Decompositions
Frog Subtraction: Subtracting Objects
Turtle Race: Adding and Subtracting Fluently
Teen Duck Lotto: Matching Teen Numbers to Quantity

Literacy Activities:
Frogger: Decoding CVC Words
Pond Phrases: Reading & Matching Phrases
Turtle Snap: Decoding Nonsense Words
Punctuation Pond: Choosing End Punctuation Marks
Pond Hunt: Write the Room Sight Words
At the Pond: Writing 3 and 4 Sound Words
Pond Sort: Word Family Picture Sort

Total Pages: 121

Another great product, thanks!
Perfect for my class! Thank you!
Well done! I love how you included all subjects! The activities are fun and easy to prep. Your books are wonderful and I like how you included snacks at the end of the packet.
The activities you created in this unit have helped reinforce the pond unit we do in my kindergarten classroom. It was nice to have games and independent stations that helped my students meet some of the common core standards. Thank you for the work