New Year's Fun: Clocks & Calendar: Thematic Unit


New Year's Fun: Clocks & Calendar: Thematic Unit


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Are you looking for successful, tried and tested activities to celebrate the New Year with your classroom or homeschool students?

This "Developmentally Appropriate Thematic Unit features Happy New Year!

Curriculum Essentials for Math, Literacy, and More: Featuring Clocks, Calendar and New Year's Fun, is divided into areas of literature, music, art, literacy, math, independent practice, creative writing, word wall, and guided reading. The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation.

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Literacy Activities:
New Year Lotto: Matching Upper & Lowercase Letters
The Party Palace: Blending & Segmenting Words
Happy New Year: Naming Letter Sounds
New Year Raceway: Reading Sightwords Fluently

Math Activities:
New Year Clocks: Matching Time to The Hour
Moving Hands: Manipulating a Clock to Tell Time
New Year's Bear Party: Joining Groups of Objects
Happy Friday Dance: Constructing & Using a Calendar
Countdown: Counting Backwards From a Given Number 0-20

Independent Practice:
New Year Balloons: Reading Color Words
What Time Is It? Reading Analog Clocks and Writing Times Digitally
Fix The Clock: Drawing Hands on an Analog Clock
Firework Number Match: Matching Numerals 11-20 to a 10+Number
January Calendar: Trace & Write Numerals
Party Time: Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters

Art Projects:
Party Hat & Streamers
Cone New Year's Hat
Baby New Year/GrandFather Time Flip-it

Writing Prompts/Word Wall:
Happy New Year
What Will Happen This Year?
Happy New Year Word Wall

A New Year
Months of the Year Song
Days of the Week Song

Guided Reading Books:
Happy New Year
Tick Tock

Total Pages: 102

Amazing, thanks!!!
Another great unit! Thanks.
Fun way to ring in the new year, thanks!
Wonderful resource! I have been so happy with my Kindergarten Kiosk purchases!