Halloween Spooky Fun Thematic Unit


Halloween Spooky Fun Thematic Unit


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This NEWLY UPDATED SPOOKY "Developmentally Appropriate" Halloween unit is divided into areas of literature/media, music, art, literacy, math and science activities, creative writing, word wall, and guided reading. The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation.

Bring some Spooky Fun into your classroom or home!

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Unit Includes the Following:

Literacy Activities:
Pumpkin Smasher: Identifying Initial Sound
Mystery Letter: Identifying letters
Pumpkin Bingo: Identifying Letters
Trick or Treat: Using Onset/rime.

Independent Activities:
Ghostwriter: Writing Uppercase Letters
Fall Into the ABC’s: Tracing & Writing Uppercase Letters
Halloween Sounds: Matching Sounds

Math Activities:
Monster Math-Mash : Identifying More or Less
Candy Count: Building Equivalent Sets of Numbers
Missing Pumpkins: Ordering Numbers
Candy Match: Matching Quantity to Number

Independent Activities:
Halloween Buddies: Number Recognition
The Great Pumpkin: Matching Numbers & Quantity

Writing Prompts/Word Wall:
My Costume
Halloween Word Wall Words

Guided Reading Books:
Trick or Treat

Class Made Books:
Trick or Treat

Witch Stew: Making Conclusions Based on Observations and Experiences
Monster Slime: Following Directions to Complete an Experiment

Art Projects:
Pumpkin Puppet
Construct a Jack
Orange Ghost
Triangle Witch
Pumpkin Lantern

The Orange Ghost
Ten Little Ghosts
The Old Witch
There's No Such Thing as a Witch
Halloween Is All Around

Total Pages: 106

I love the array of guided and independent lessons and activites! Can’t wait to use it next Halloween!
Great for my October unit!!
I was able to print the unit and prepare it quickly for my class.
Great resource! Can’t wait to use these activities in my classroom.