Folk Tale Thematic Unit

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Folk Tale Thematic Unit


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Who doesn't love traditional tales starring Giants, Trolls, Ogres, and Big Bad Wolves?

This Developmentally Appropriate Thematic Unit is strategically linked to the Common Core Standards. Add authentic learning to your curriculum by using this fun fabled unit, Giants, Trolls & The Big Bad Wolf! It is divided into areas of literature, music, art, literacy, math, science, creative writing, word wall, and guided reading. The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation.

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Table of Contents

This Little Piggy
The Big Bad Wolf

Literacy Activities:
Up the Beanstalk: Writing Simple Words
The Three Little Pigs: Decoding CVC Words
Shake Little Piggy: Reading & Writing Sight Words
Big Bad Bingo: Identifying and Matching Consonant Digraphs
Cross The Bridge: Relating Verbs & Adjectives to Opposites

Shared Reading Whole Group Activities:
Identifying Story Elements
Beginning, Middle, End: Story Structure

Math Activities:
Measuring-- Tall or Short: Comparing Size By Length
Measuring Giants and Trolls: Comparing Size
Giants, Trolls & Wolves, Oh My! Writing Numerals
Going To Grandma's House: Counting Forward From Any Given Number 1-100

Art Projects:
Cooperative Giant
Shape Giant
Billy Goat Hat
Puppets: Story Retelling

Science Projects:
The Giant's Eyes: Using Scientific Tools

Word Wall
If I Met a Giant!
Up the Beanstalk?
The Big Bad Wolf

Guided Reading Book:
The Little Pigs

Total Pages: 107

Used it last year in May, and my students (kindergartners) loved every activity in this unit! Very engaging and fun! Planning on using it again this year. Thanks!
This was an absolute lifesaver! I used multiple products for my formal observation and was given great compliments! Thank you!!!
This unit is AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much for including CC standards with these fantastic activities! Great, great purchase!!!!!
Just love folk tales! Thanks so much for offering!