Five Senses Thematic Unit


Five Senses Thematic Unit


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Are you looking for a Thematic Unit that is Developmentally Appropriate, Academic, Written to Standards and Engaging? If so, you will love this Five Senses Unit. It will thrill the students in your classroom and homeschool settings.

This thematic unit, “Five Senses,” offers cross-curricular support with strategic activities in language arts, music, math, science, writing and art while studying a familiar scientific concept. All math and language arts activities are strategically linked to the common core standards.

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Activities include:

Good Day
Five Senses

Guided Reading Books:
Little Bear’s Five Senses
My Five Senses

Name That Sound: Using Hearing to Make Observations
It Feels Like: Using Touch to Make Observations
Taste Test: Using Taste to Make Observations
How Does it Smell: Using Smell to Make Observations
I Spy With My Little Eye: Using Sight to Make Observations
Pop Pop Pop: Engaging the 5 Senses

Word Wall: Five Senses Six Poster Cards
Writing Prompts: My Five Senses
Label It: Label the 5 Senses

Art Projects:
My Five Senses:Portfolio Page
Five Senses: Coloring Page

Math Lessons:
Sorting Senses: Representing Numbers in Different Ways
Graph It: Graphing Categories
Tactile Number Hunt: Matching Quantity to Numbers (Using the Sense of Touch)

Math Workpage:
Five Senses: Sorting Data

Literacy Lessons:
Feel the Alphabet: Identifying Letters of the Alphabet
Touch and Seek Letters: Using Touch and Sight to Match Alphabet Letters
Nursery Rhyme Time: Listening to Nursery Rhymes to Identify Rhyming Words

Total Pages: 65

Great unit with great ideas that both the kids and I love! Thankyou!
This is a fantastic unit thanks so much for your time and effort!
Very well thought out and has a lot of activities! I love it and can’t wait to use it!
I loved this lesson plan. My students are going to love this. Thanks so much