Fall/Autumn Thematic Unit

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Fall/Autumn Thematic Unit


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The Developmentally Appropriate fall or autumn unit is divided into areas of literature, media, music, art, literacy activities, math activities, worksheets, science activities, creative writing, word wall words, and guided reading. The activities are clearly written, easy to use, and need limited amounts of preparation.

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Literacy Activities:
The Falling Leaves: Alphabet Fluency
Letter Whoo: Identifying Upper &; Lowercase Letters
Collecting Acorns: Blending Onset/rime
Hidden Sounds: Identifying Beginning Sounds.
Corn Maze ABC: Identifying Letters

Independent Literacy Activities:
Squirrel Sort: Sorting Syllables
Trace and Write A-Z
Syllable Count: Identify Number of Syllables

Math Activities:
What's Missing: Developing Observation & Descriptive Skills
Squirrel Match: Identifying Numbers
Leaf Graph: Graphing Leaves
Leaf Hunt: Ordering Numbers

Independent Math Activities:
Counting Leaves: Identifying the Count
Leaf Count: Counting Leaves
Writing numbers 1-10

Writing Prompts/Word Wall
Falling Leaves
All About Autumn
Harvest Word Wall Words

Guided Reading Books
Fall Leaves
My Leaf Book

A Tree For All Seasons: Creating trees to represent
the four seasons
A Fall Walk: Observing and recording the change of
season found around the school yard
Seasonal Change of a Tree: Using senses to
observe and record the seasonal changes of a tree.

Art Projects
Leaf Person
Fall Leaves
Leaf Rubbings
Leaf Painting
Fall Tree

Autumn Leaves
Pick It Up
5 Little Squirrels

Total Pages: 96

So many activities! Great!
— Karen E.
Great Resource! Thanks
— Rosa E U.
My students loved these games and they were so easy to quickly teach and use to reinforce skills. Perfect for kinder I would say!
— Cheryl B.
This unit contains so much! Thank you. You make teaching fun.
— Michelle P.