Arctic and Polar Thematic Unit


Arctic and Polar Thematic Unit


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Are you looking for a Developmentally Appropriate Thematic Unit as you and your classroom or homeschool students learn about the Polar Animals that live in Arctic Regions such as penguins, polar bears, walrus and more?

Teach the standards with confidence by using these strategically linked cross-curricular, thematic activities. You and your students will love them! They are classroom tested with perfect results!

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Contents include:

Shared Reading Activities:
The Whale & The Penguin: Group Poetry Activity
Arctic Friends: Retell a Story

Literacy Activities:
Glacier Bay: Phoneme Segmentation
Glacier Melt Down: Fluently Naming Alphabet Sounds
March of the Penguins: Alphabet Letter Fluency
Arctic Hunt: Nonsense Word Fluency
Walrus Waddle & Walk: Writing Beginning Sounds
Igloo Match: Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters
Arctic Animal Names: Writing Missing Letters

Math Activities:
Polar Bears in the Cave: Counting On
Penguin Playground: Adding to and Taking Away
Eskimo Count: Joining Sets
Rescuing Penguins: Identifying Teen Numbers
Polar Bear Fishing: Comparing Quantities
Comparing Igloos: Comparing Written Numerals
Eskimo Friends: Composing Numbers

Writing Prompts/Word Wall:
Arctic Word Wall
The Penguins
Polar Animals
Label It

Guided Reading Books:
Arctic Friends
Class Made Book
Arctic Friends

Art Projects:
My Eskimo

Ice Race: Exploring Properties of Water
North Pole Facts?South Pole Facts
Blubber Experiment:How Polar Animals Keep Warm

North and South
Arctic Friends

Total Pages: 129

Perfect for this past winter! We felt like we were living in the Arctic!! Thanks for offering!
It was great to have activities in more than one subject area! Thanks!
My students really enjoyed this unit!
this was so helpful