Apple Thematic Unit


Apple Thematic Unit


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Apples Anyone?

This "Developmentally Appropriate" thematic apple unit is strategically linked to the common core standards and will connect all areas of your curriculum. Apples Yum!

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Table of Contents

Shared Reading Lessons:
And Apple is its Name Oh: Enjoying Songs & Poetry
Way Up High in the Apple Tree: Enjoying Songs & Poetry
Yummy Apples: Word Substitution
Apple Flashcards

Literacy Activities:
ABC Apple Orchard: Identifying Alphabet Letters
Apple Tree Rhymes: Producing Rhyming Words
Eating Apples: Identifying Beginning Sounds
Color Word Worms: Matching and Writing Color Words
ABC Apple Trace: Tracing Alphabet Letters

Math Activities:
Willy the Wandering Worm: Identifying Numbers
Apple Number Memory: Matching Numbers
Bobbing For Apples: Working with 5-Frames
Math Journal Sticker: Draw an Apple Story

Apple Wordwall (Beautiful Realistic Photographs)
Apple Parts: Labeling Activity
The Way I Like Apples
Johnny Appleseed

Guided Reading Books:
I like Apples
Apples Guided Reading Supports

Apple Report: Scientific Processes
Apple Taste Test: Making Comparisons and Recording Data
Apple Life Cycle: Portfolio Sample

Art Projects:
Apple Tree Art
Apple Mosaic
Apple Prints

Eating Apples (Be careful, this one will not leave your brain)
Five Little Apples
Have You Ever Seen An Apple
The Apple Tree

Total Pages: 106

This is the most thorough, Kinder appropriate, user-friendly unit I have bought on TpT. I really like the Shared Reading activities and games that can be whole or small group. Excellent job - I’ll be back for more of your products!!!
The scripted games are great!! Thanks!
Great resource! This was very helpful this year and I cannot wait to use it again next year.
This is so AWESOME and just what I was looking for. I love how complete and cross curricular this unit is.