Preschool Language Arts Assessment Pack


Preschool Language Arts Assessment Pack


Language Arts Assessment For Preschool

A common question asked of parents and teachers of preschool age children is, “Is my child ready for kindergarten?” Using this handy assessment will not only answer that question with solid data, but it will also allow parents and teachers to make informed decisions as to the skills necessary to confidently enter kindergarten. 

Each assessment is clearly written and easy to administer. Due to the necessity of assessing students at regular intervals during the school year, the document provides a space to record information for different assessment periods. The first assessment is in the trimester format (with benchmarks provided). Following this assessment is one that is generalized, to fit the format of varying school years.

The next pages of this assessment packet are student copies and examples of a checklist or report card that you may wish to use when reporting to parents.

"Best investment I ever made. This is the best product I have purchased on TPT. You did all the work our district was asking us to do to line up our prek with kindergarten common core standards. This is a must have you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much for all the work you did on this.

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Awesome Awesome! So helpful for my current class!
Easy and well organized for beginning of the year assessments
— Christine V.
Very helpful with assessments. Thank you.
— Laura S.
This has so much with my own child!
— Laughing with Little Learners