Reading Intervention

Moving Beyond the Basics


I've started on a new adventure everyone! After 25 years of working as a kindergarten teacher I'm starting a new job as a Reading Specialist. For this new position I'll be helping students in K-6 who are behind in their reading skills. For my Kindergarten Kiosk products I've always focused on the most basic and essential skills that research shows young children need in order to become fluent readers. While I will remain focused on this, my new job requires me to start reaching beyond the basics into the next steps in phonics development.

This is where The Reading Kiosk comes in. Here I will be posting the materials that I create for my older student's to use to develop their skills -- to give them the "Reading Power" necessary to become strong, independent readers.

 I hope these materials will help you provide enrichment for your gifted kindergarten students, or help you to teach reading to older students in an explicit and fun way! I will use the same time-tested method of delivery -- scripted lessons, as is so popular in our Kindergarten Kiosk products. This method is effective for busy teachers. The teacher simply needs to briefly read the script and adapt the game as needed. Or, the lesson can be easily handed off to a teachers assistant, or volunteer with complete confidence that the objective of the game will be met.

For my first skill games, I've integrated reading instruction with winter sports (because we're all excited about those at this time of year)! In this packet, students practice reading multi-syllabic CVCCVC words while "bobsled racing", play an r-controlled vowel "hockey game", practice sentence fluency while riding "the luge", go "skating" with vowel pairs, "skiing" with inflectional endings, and practice reading fluency phrases at "the Olympics". 

These lessons are fun and engaging and can be easily used during center time, in a classroom as an extension, in a homeschool, or an intervention setting. Your students will love these games! I know mine do!

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