Summer Vacation To Do List

One of my favorite songs of all time from my own childhood is "Oh What do you do in the Summertime?" To me, this is summer in a nutshell! A Time to slow down, relax, enjoy, and create!

I am linking up with Deanna Jump's Top 10 Things I Want To Do This Summer, and adding my list of ten things I want to do during my summer break.

1. Go to Hawaii and RELAX for a bit!

2. Enjoy my wonderful family.

3. Cross off  the 163 things that are currently on my "Must-Do" list.

4. Enjoy some of the local beauty: Hike Negro Bill and Moonflower Canyon,  take our Jeep out on some of the great trails that are minutes from my house.

5. Take a midnight trip into the desert and look at the beautiful Night Time sky.

6. Clean up and organize my house so that it can last through yet another school year.

7. Do Water Aerobics and/or swim laps each day that I can.

8. Work on my genealogy and family histories.

9. Attend two great summer conferences!

10. Clean, organize and prepare my classroom for a new crop of kindergartners!

What is everyone else doing? Check out other plans here:

Old Time School

Here are a few old schoolhouses that we drove by this summer on one of our road trips. I can't help but think that school must have been a lot simpler then. Children were taught at their developmental levels and no high stakes testing, CHEER!

But, on the downside. Didn't the teacher have to arrive early and make the fire? Weren't the wages about $12.00 a month? Didn't the teacher have to care for all of the schools' maintenance? Didn't the teacher have to haul in the water? And, on and on.

Hum. maybe the old days weren't that glorious after all. But, I do love to stop and take a photo each time I see one of these one room wonders and dream of what life was like for the teacher and student's inside.